ZeroSound’s patented Active Noise Control technology cancels noise problems impacting where consumers and industry meet. Unlike traditional noise mitigation methods, ZeroSound can be customized for small spaces, large indoor/outdoor areas and even for vehicles and pieces of equipment. 



July 6, 2020: Fire Engineering

July 2, 2020: FireHouse Media

June 29, 2020: ZeroSound Speaks on The Morning News with Sue Deyell & Andrew Schultz

“You know how loud emergency vehicles are when they pass you on the street - so imagine how loud it must be for first responders INSIDE those vehicles. We'll find out how a Calgary based company plans to help.”

June 12, 2020,2020:  US Patent awarded which is supported by confirmation of approval status globally for the 153 Patent Cooperation Treaty countries.


June 5, 2020:  ZeroSound signs an exclusive multi-year Agreement with major global manufacturer, Rosenbauer America, to offer its first responder equipment with ZeroSound panels as a standard feature in its North American builds. These panels will reduce dangerous noise exposure to first responders both inside and outside fire trucks.

Noise pollution can have serious impacts on health. Our technology can help mitigate the damaging effects of noise exposure. 

Our Active Noise Technology can reduce noise by up to 92% 

Sound waves are mitigated and/or cancelled on impact.

From rush hour traffic to loud concert venues, our technology has a number of commercial & industrial applications. Contact our team to learn more. 


Innovative, Scalable, Affordable, Disruptive.

ZeroSound is a scalable affordable technology that utilizes Active Noise Control to reduce noise exposure from any noise pollution source. Incoming sound waves are measured, and the control system determines an opposing frequency and amplitude which creates the "anti-noise". The control system delivers the opposing frequency and amplitude to the ZeroSound Matrix which is then projected toward the protected area.



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Suite 2600, 150 9 Avenue SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2P 3H9

ZeroSound technologies are United States Patented, and PCT Patent Pending in 153 countries with all Claims approved.

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